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GFM Crankshaft Mill

Manufacturer: GFM - Switzerland

Model: FKP-60

Manufacturer Control: Siemens

Year of manufacture:  0

Location:  Ukraine

Length:  6000

Center Ht:  2100

Travel:  5995

Detailed Accessories & Features:


New 1984 Unused.

Max. work piece length: 6000mm
Max. working length: 5800mm

Center height (without retaining wedge): 2100mm
Max. stroke of clamping head: 5800mm
Max. stroke of longitudinal carriage: 5995mm
Max. stroke of portal:
-X axes (horizontal): 910mm (2x 442+13) mm
Max. stroke of milling carriage
-Y axes (vertical): 910mm (2x 442+13)mm
Rapid Speed of longitudinal carriage: 3975mm/minute
Rapid Speed of portal: 2982mm/minute
Rapid Speed of milling carriage: 2982mm/minute
Portal feeds:0...2000mm/minute
Milling carriage feeds: 0...2000mm/minute
Power: 200kW

Cutting head diameter: 720mm
Outer diameter of cutting head:1680mm
Cutting head RPM: 41.5-48-54.4
Cutting speed: 95-110-125m/minute

Cutting head diameter: 1050mm
Outer diameter of cutting head:1680mm
Cutting head RPM: 27.6-31.9-36.2
Cutting speed: 95-110-125m/minute

Moving steady rest I:
-clamping diameter: 220...500mm
Moving steady rest II:
Moving steady rest III:

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